How do you Manage Outreach?

Recruitment and Outreach Are Key to JEDI

  • Deliberate and well-thought-out outreach and recruitment campaign 
  • Aim for “two in the pool” effect
  • Diverse strategies and inclusive messaging
    • combat misperceptions of “who this is for”

A Multi-dimensional Communication Strategy

  • Transparent communication 
    • program requirements 
    • selection criteria 
    • past awards
  • Broadly recruit candidates using a variety of channels 
    • active, e.g., faculty meetings/events, 
    • passive, e.g., websites
    • long-term view, e.g., grantwriting training
  • Signal inclusiveness through language and images

Build a Network of Partners and Amplify Your Impact

  • Use program ”ambassadors” and mentors to support your outreach efforts and encourage applications
    • ambassadors: previous awardees, “connectors”, trusted peers
    • mentors: tap existing mentorship programs, facilitate informal mentoring
  • Double down on successful practices (collect-analyze-tweak-repeat)

Equitable Recruitment and Outreach Slides