Harnessing the Benefits of Intersectional Diversity on Collaborative Teams

A growing body of social science and bibliometric research illustrates that diversity in various forms on scholarly teams can lead to greater innovation and productivity, given an inclusive and welcoming environment in which all team members feel psychological safety.  This toolkit includes: 

  • A powerpoint presentation for RD professionals to use when presenting these concepts and materials to research leaders and faculty
  • Handouts for related interactive presentations and activities
  • A reading list about the relevant research for those interested in learning the social science and bibliometric analyses about diversity and inclusion on teams.


This PPT presentation contains slides that RD professionals can present to:

  • Define Key Concepts
  • Summarize Evidence for Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in Teams
  • Introduce Tools for Detecting, Mitigating, and Strengthening Inclusion and Psychological Safety on Diverse Teams


Each handout can be printed or provided electronically to workshop participants to accompany the presentation.

Reading List

The following Bibliography includes all articles and books mentioned in the presentation.

About the Authors

Dr. Katy Christiansen is the Biosciences Strategic Programs Development and Implementation manager at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. She develops and implements program development processes, including building new multi-institutional research programs.

Kyle Lewis, Ph.D. is the Christian A. Felipe Professor of Technology Management at the University of California Santa Barbara. Lewis’ research on team performance and innovation is published in premier scholarly journals and has received international recognition.

Rebecca Lewison is Professor of Conservation Biology and Director of Research Initiatives at San Diego State University. She spearheads integrative research in conservation ecology, policy and resource use, with expertise and experience across a wide taxonomic range of organisms.

Sue Rosser is Provost Emerita at San Francisco State University. Her research focuses on theoretical and applied aspects of women, science, health and technology.

Erica Severan-Webb is the Director, Diversity Programs & Initiatives at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. She implements campus-wide programs that foster inclusivity and equity.

Barbara L. E. Walker, Ph.D. is the Director of Strategic Research Initiatives at the University of California Santa Barbara. She leads state and national programs to strengthen social science research at HSIs and facilitate inclusive STEM collaborations.